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Madrid tour

Walk into an area, taking pictures for a couple of hours, then gather at a restaurant or bar and compare, share, discuss, about photography. And the best part is that we can help you see things in ways you hadn’t noticed before, we can help you take greats photos because we are photographers.

Madrid in 1561 being the capital, since then has grown with different styles, for this reason Madrid have a lot of interesting places to photograph: the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Royal Theatre, Cibeles Palace, Gran Vía street. And many others sites like Temple of Debod, an Egyptian Temple in the center of Madrid.  

The photo walk is customizable.



Up to 10 Guests



Madrid tour

Cityscape, architecture and street photography.

Professional photographer | guide.

Photo walks & discussions.



Our tour begins in the afternoon, approximately at 6 pm, according to the sunlight.


ROUTE 1: Sol Square

Madrid tour

During this photo walk we will visit the city center enjoying its monumental buildings from Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Modernism to the latest architectural styles. This photo walk is very special for capturing the daily Madrid's life while admiring the architectural and cultural magnificence of Madrid.

We will find many architectural details to shoot and visit the city looking its many forms, so walking through the current City Hall of Madrid, which is the Communications Palace, at the Cibeles square.

Enjoy with us the atmosphere that emanates from this great city and capture it by taking streetphorography and playing with the spatial and formal features that offers us the Avenues along this route. We will bring you our Know-How. We are specialist in photo coaching, making it simple and fun.


ROUTE 2: Gran Vía Street

Madrid tour

We will start at Cibeles Square where sits the intersection of Alcalá Street, Castellana Avenue, Recoletos Avenue, Prado Avenue around the fountain Cibeles which is as one of Madrid’s most important symbols. as well as the meeting place for celebrations of victories by Real Madrid Football Club.

At the end of Alcalá St. begins Gran Via which was built 100 years ago. The street is known as the Spanish Broadway that never sleeps. This a quite long street, full of beautiful museums, hotels, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, shops, etc, that offers us the first skyscrapers of the city.

We will involve ourselves in the urban daily life photographing our surroundings while we play with the light, colors, and patterns in order to show our bit of the city, seen by our eyes. You will acquire your own photographic style.

We will end at the Spain Square that is a monument to Spanish novelist, poet and playwright Miguel de Cervantes where you will find the statues of Don Quijote and Sancho. It is a peaceful little oasis in the heard of Madrid.


ROUTE 3: Plaza Mayor

Madrid tour

The best places for streetphotography are the Habsburg Madrid and the Bourbon Madrid. The places take us back to the time to the Spain’s Golden Time. So we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves with the culture capturing the daily Madrid's life under numerous popular homes of the XVII and XVIII centuries.

Puerta del Sol is the radial of Spanish roads and people life. Spaniards begin the new year by eating the traditional twelve grapes maked by the clock inside this square each New Year's Eve.

Just a few walk from Puerta del Sol is located Plaza Mayor. It is symmetrical rectangular square features a uniform architecture very similar to the contemporary Place des Vosges in Paris. This is an opened space was thought as a social, civic area for the Madrileños that has played a variety of festivities throughout history.

We will drive into some narrow streets at Puerta del Sol and show you the glimpse of Madrileño's lifestyle through your camera lens.


ROUTE 4: Your Personal Photo Walk

Madrid tour

All our Photowalks can be customized to any Customer providing us their concerns and interest so we will ensure a memorable experience and in addition. We can focus on architectonical photowalks; landscape; visit monumental buildings and organize small trip to other beautiful places near to Madrid. We offer you another way of seeing, knowing and feeling Madrid and its surroundings, while at the same time develop your photography skills. You will get tips and tricks on shooting, so the unique limit is the creative and motivation.

Our photowalks are carefully planned for every need, every place and moment to guide you to the most photogenic locations carefully planned for the best light. We research and scout each location because we want to enhance your interest, understanding and appreciation for the world around you while you learn to improve your photography skills.

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